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Crystal Candle- Rose Quartz


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Rose Geranium real essential oils with Rose Quartz crystals.

Radiate love from within & to everything around you. Emanate intricate passion. Love is universal & abundant.
Ignite your inner passion with the magnetizing botanical aroma of the Universal Love candle. Rose Geranium elicits serenity and uplifts your well-being. In synergy with Rose Quartz crystals, the Universal Love candle promotes emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, love in all forms, and attracts loving energy into your life.

All natural, sustainably sourced coconut wax candles.
High-quality, synergistic real Rose Geranium essential oil blend.
Clean-burning, nontoxic, environmentally safe formula.
Vegan & cruelty-free.
Free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals.
Slow burning cotton ribbon wick that does not require trimming.
7oz candle fill in an 8oz glass jar.


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