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Great Tip for Using Truly's in the Wintertime

We have the BEST customers!

Check out this great tip for using Truly's in the winter, especially if you like to keep your house on the cold side...


I just wanted to send an email and tell you that your product is the real deal! I am hooked. It is perfect. 

I also found a helpful tip for those that find it difficult to use when it is cold. My bathroom in the winter stays kinda chilly. Maybe 64 degrees give or take. So the deodorant does get kinda hard to get out of the container. I will just let my water run warm then just add a tablespoon of warm water to the top for about 8 seconds, pour it off then its super easy to get the top layer off and use it. 

Lasts all day and I like the smell. Thank you for finally making an all natural product that works! "