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Does your baking soda contain aluminum?  Baking soda is just plain sodium bicarbonate and does not ever contain aluminum. Baking powder, however, is sodium bicarbonate along with corn starch and additional ingredients which commonly include aluminum.  So just to be clear, there is absolutely no aluminum whatsoever in Truly's Natural Deodorant. 

I think Truly's may have caused some irritation.  What should I do?  We know that everyone is different and no product is perfect for all people.  If you think you are having a reaction, stop using the product right away and contact us for a refund.  We have had a very low reaction rate, somewhere between 1% and 5%, but we wish it could be zero.  If you are having a reaction, we will promptly refund your purchase price, no questions asked. We appreciate your giving our product a try.

How long will a container of Truly's Natural Deodorant last?  In our experience a 2 ounce container will last 4 to 6 months and possibly longer.  Truly's does not need to be reapplied during the day except after excessive exercise, showering, or bathing.


Is the deodorant sticky? No, not at all.


Why is the deodorant a cream and not a stick?  We decided to make Truly's as simple and natural as possible.  Because of the low melting point of coconut oil, Truly's will soften if kept at high temperatures for extended periods of time and could get messy in a stick. The cream form may take a short time to get used to, but most people don't even think about it after a few days.


Isn't baking soda abrasive?  Yes, it can be.  We specially process our baking soda into a silky smooth powder, removing the abrasiveness and reducing the chance of itchiness or irritation.  If you have tried other baking soda containing "homemade" deodorants and found them bothersome, give Truly's a try and feel the difference.


Do I need to keep Truly's in the refrigerator?  No, Truly's is best stored at room temperature between 70 and 80 degrees.  Above or below that temperature, Truly's will firm up or soften somewhat, but it still works just fine.  Coconut oil is a tropical oil and withstands heat very well.


Will Truly's stop me from sweating?  No.  Sweating is a healthy and natural way for your body to remove toxins and regulate body temperature.  Truly's is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.  It won't keep you from sweating, but it will keep you from smelling even if you sweat a great deal over the course of a day without having to reapply.  We have had customers say that they do sweat less while using Truly's, but we believe that is because their bodies are no longer trying to counteract the antiperspirant chemicals in conventional products.


I have seen a few dark specks in my deodorant.  Is it a contamination of some kind?  No.  We use an unrefined coconut oil that occasionally contains a dark speck here and there. The specks are naturally occurring and not a contamination.


Will Truly's stain my clothing?  No.  In our years of using Truly's exclusively, it has not stained or built up on any clothing including silk. Of course, we may not own every fabric out there, but as a general rule, Truly's washes out completely leaving no trace.  It takes just a small amount to work all day.  If you use significantly more product than directed, excess product may rub off onto clothing.  If you notice this, spot treat the area directly with detergent (or even dish soap) and wash in the warmest possible water the fabric can take. And be sure to reduce the amount you are using.  Truly's will rub in and seem to disappear when applied correctly.