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We Apologize..

Due to the rising cost of product and materials, we will be adjusting prices!

Staying Natural is Still Worth it!

Natural Doesn't Have To Be Boring!

Local & Family Owned:
giving natural a whole new outlook

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Why Deodorant?

Did you know, sweating is the normal body reaction in order to regulate our temperature? When the body produces sweat, it leaves the underarm and cools us down. With antiperspirants, there is a blockage of this normal function which can cause a harmful buildup of bacteria under the skin! "But what about the odor?!" Truly`s has created a brand of deodorant that not only helps decrease bacteria buildup naturally, but keeps you from having the unwanted odor! With only four all natural ingredients, our product is made for safe, healthy and easy application!

New Collections-and Announcements!

While the growth of our company is proudly expanding, we are happy to share that our products are too! Stay tuned for new products, brands, and topics that we are sure you`ll love!

10 % Off and check out our newest product addition!

10 % Off and check out our newest product addition!

Try this new product we found at the Natural Products Expo!

We are now carrying Silver Biotics silver lozenges with manuka honey! Take at the first sign of a cold or sore throat to kick that bug before it starts. While at our website, try our organic and tinted lip balms to keep your lips silky smooth in spite of the winter weather.

Use coupon code SILVER10 for 10% off of your entire order until January 12th! Now offering FREE PRIORITY shipping on US orders of $50 or more.
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Truly's Featured in Hyperlink Magazine!

Truly's Featured in Hyperlink Magazine!

We are happy to announce that Truly's Natural Deodorant was featured in the October issue of Hyperlink Magazine as "Too Cool to Pass Up".

Here's their description:

Couldn't Resist by Ray Sylvester, Editor at Winning Edits

Effective, long-lasting, 100 percent natural deodorant can be hard to find.  Thankfully, Truly's exists. "The stuff works, and it's nice knowing it's not full of tons of problematic chemicals," says Sylvester.  Made from organic coconut oil, Truly's deodorant will not make your armpits feel like a brutal, burning, chemical wasteland. Truly.

Thanks, Hyperlink!

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FREE Travel Sized Truly's With Your Order!

FREE Travel Sized Truly's With Your Order!

We love our customers and as a small token of our gratitude, we are including a free, travel sized Truly's with every order in November.  Its the perfect size for your next holiday trip or for sharing with a friend.  No coupon code necessary.

We are thankful for you!

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