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Truly's Natural Deodorant works all day to keep you fresh without harmful chemicals. Our Creamsicle product is lightly scented with vanilla and sweet orange essential oils and smells heavenly!  A nice way to add some variety to your daily routine.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Powdered Sugar, Baking soda, Beeswax, Vanilla and Sweet Orange Essential Oils

With Truly's Natural Deodorant, you don't have to compromise effectiveness to stay true to your health. Finally, a natural deodorant that lasts all day! Try it and see for yourself!

Directions: Use like a cream. Smooth a pea sized amount of Truly's over entire surface of underarm. One application lasts all day!

Truly's winter time tip: depending on how cool you keep your home, Truly's can become pretty solid in the wintertime.  An easy way to get a good amount for easy application is to scrape about a dime sized amount off the top with the back of your thumbnail.  Truly's will melt with your body heat as you smooth it over your skin.

Because Truly's Natural Deodorant is coconut oil based and does not contain any chemical binders, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, or thickeners, it will change consistency at different temperatures.  Melting does not harm the product and it will re-solidify if stored at a cooler temperature.  Works great at any temperature or consistency.


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