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Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Let's face it, cleaning can be a dreaded chore.  Except for times of great anxiety when I find cleaning good therapy, I would much rather curl up with a good book and a cup of Earl Grey.  This spring, I am finding spring cleaning to be refreshing and renewing...a way of seeing my home differently and a way to simplify and reorganize my space.  Here are a few benefits of spring cleaning that I hope you find spur you to get started with your own projects.

1.  See your home in a new light 

I have been wanting to move for some time now and life circumstances haven't allowed it just yet.  So over the past few weeks, I have been rearranging everything that isn't nailed down and I am really enjoying the freshness and novelty of new (indoor) scenery.  So if you are pushing your furniture aside to vacuum that long neglected carpet, go ahead and try it in a different spot for a change.

2. Save money by not buying what you already have

I have discovered that we have purchased enough bandaids to last five lifetimes.  Why?  Because they were not organized and easy to find.  With a drug store on every corner, it is probably easier to stop in and buy more pain medicine then to look through the drawers and cabinets in your own bathroom.  So get a box and go through your cabinets and store like items together.  You may be surprised at what you already have and don't need to buy for a good, long while.

3. Focus on future blessings and remember to enjoy today 

Stuck in the past?  Don't like change?  Alarmed at how fast your children are growing up?  Cleaning out is a good time to come to terms with the super fast pace of life and the passing of time.  My daughters are growing up and the items they no longer enjoy and are willing to part with are proof of that.  It is really helpful to keep in mind that new and delightful changes to our relationships are in store even as I say goodbye to treasured ways of relating that are now outgrown.  Decluttering with kids is a wakeup call to value each day we have as the years are flying by.

4. Detoxify and declutter

Spring is a great time to get re-inspired to make good on those goals of eating healthier and being more active.  Go paleo or low carb for 30 days to jump start a weight loss program.  Prepare for success by getting rid of processed prepared foods and stocking up on healthy items.  Set a goal of weaning yourself off of one chemically based personal care item a quarter and replacing it with a natural or organic one (we have plenty ;).  Set a good example for the other folks in your home by taking good care of yourself.

Best wishes on your spring cleaning adventures this year!