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Bulk Cheddar Bones


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Small batch, Bulk Cheddar Bones made with real cheddar cheese. 1 lb.

Same great cookies, three times the treats!! Our Bulk Cheddar Bones are perfect for pet owners who know what their pet loves! Get 1 lb. of these delicious cookies for a real deal!

Bulk Cheddar Bones are made with freshly grated mild cheddar cheese! We would never use powdered cheese or other artificial dairy ingredients. Also, our Cheddar Bones melt-in-the-mouth like a cracker and are great for dogs with sensitive or few teeth. Thin, crispy and packed with cheese, your dog won’t be able to get enough! In addition, their cracker-like texture makes it easy to break them into small pieces, perfect for small dogs! Your dog won’t be able to resist these cheesy delights.

Each bag contains 1 lb. of cheddar bones; bones measuring 3″.


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