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Are you looking for an effective, long lasting, all natural deodorant?

Your search is over! Truly's all natural deodorant works all day long to keep you fresh without harmful chemicals. Truly's Organic Natural Deodorant contains only organic coconut oil, organic powdered sugar, baking soda, and beeswax. It is non-staining, non-stinging, fragrance free, and does not show up white on your clothing. If you do not find Truly's to be the most effective natural deodorant you have ever used, we will refund your purchase price.

Unlike many natural deodorants, Truly's is not the least bit gummy or sticky, and will not leave a waxy buildup on clothing over time.  Truly's goes on smooth and silky, leaving skin soft and needs no drying time.

Money Back Guarantee!

"Amazing!  For the past ten years, I have searched far and wide to find a deodorant that works for my super sensitive armpits. My search is now over! Truly's is amazing - it lasts all day and has already improved the skin under my arms. No more rashes for me and I smell fresh all day! Thank you for a (truly) wonderful product I can feel great about purchasing from now on!" Amanda L.

Truly's Natural Deodorant is a great deodorant for kids and a gentle, safe deodorant for sensitive skin. Because Truly's Organic Natural Deodorant contains only food safe ingredients, it is a great choice for kids and those with sensitive skin.  Truly's is alcohol free, paraben free, aluminum free, and fragrance free.  Truly's is easy to apply and won't sting even when used after shaving.  Truly's works to prevent odor without exposing kids to potentially harmful chemicals.  We use only simple, effective, natural ingredients that really work to eliminate odor all day without having to reapply.

We package our deodorant in BPA-free and PVC-free food safe containers.