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What Our Customers Are Saying

"My 5 year old granddaughter in the past year had developed a terrible underarm odor.  She was getting ready to start kindergarten and I did could not stand the thought of this child starting school with this problem.  So I decided to look on the internet to find what could cause this in a child. I was amazed at how many children had this problem some since birth.  I came across your product, visited your site and read the testimonials so I figured it's worth trying, school was about to begin.  We tried it and love it.  Although trying to get her to keep her arm up to apply it is tricky because she is quite ticklish.  Thank you so much for coming up with this wonderful product.  I am sold and will be ordering more very soon. One happy grandma!!"
"I can't say enough good things about Truly's Natural Deodorant.  I found Truly's when my 10 year old daughter asked to start wearing deodorant.  I looked for a natural product, and when I stumbled onto this site, I decided to order two so I could try it myself.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  I sweat fairly heavily, especially for a woman.  I have been so happy to not have to worry about any odor, finally!  My daughter loves it too.  Thanks for making a "truly" all natural product that really works!"
"You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!Don't stop making deodorant or I'll crumble into a million sad pieces. Thanks for existing. You've improved my quality of life---you may think that sounds dramatic, but it's actually true. My quality of life has improved since using Truly's."

"I had found your website while looking on Shopify.com.  I ordered the kids deodorant for my daughter and I to try.  I am so happy to have found you!  We love it!  I always had the thought in the back of my mind that traditional deodorant was not good for our bodies but up until now had never taken the time to try an alternative.  Your product works wonderfully and it smells so yummy.  I'm tempted to eat it!  It gives me such peace of mind to know that my daughter and I are using a natural deodorant now and it is fun to smell so good!  Thank you for creating this product.  I will be helping to spread the word to my friends and family.  I am also looking forward to ordering the Creamsicle next!"
"I have been using natural deodorants for almost a year now. In my search to find a natural deodorant that actually worked I have come across countless products, none of which have worked by the way. The natural deodorant company I was dealing with right before I found Truly's produced a deodorant that worked "ok" as long as I didn't sweat and reapplied it at least once throughout my day. I live in Florida, not sweating here is like telling someone not to breathe. The owner of the company told me that when using a natural deodorant you have to find one that works with your body's chemistry, and I wouldn't be able to find a deodorant out there that is truly natural that I could use without having to reapply it at least once. I am so glad she was wrong. I have worn Truly's deodorant in every possible "season" there is in Florida, here we call those seasons hot, hotter, and too cold for Florida. Truly's has worked under every circumstance. If I don't sweat a lot I still smell great, If I sweat profusely I still smell great. Who knew sugar could taste so great and work miracles. This product is amazing and I am so glad that I finally found something that works. I love that there are no gimmicks behind this product's effectiveness. There's no crazy mixture of essential oils and extracts, and there are no hard to pronounce ingredients. If you're like me and nothing else has really worked for you, you have to give this a try. Thank you Truly's for this amazing product."

"I really love your product.  My son convinced me I should use natural deodorant with no aluminum.  (I had been concerned about it myself anyway) He has been using other companies’ products, which quite frankly don’t do the job I have been using yours since May (it really lasts a long time).  It actually works better at controlling odor than any antiperspirant I’ve used.  It doesn’t mess up my clothes either. So I am going to reorder one for me and one for my son!  Thanks for a great product."
"Hi I'm a female soldier in the US army. I have tried a couple natural deodorants before and they never worked well. Its still early days yet but so far its held up against Afghanistan in July. Well done."
"I was skeptical about using your product because I exercise a lot and perspire a lot.  I had always used an anti-perspirant to control odor.  I find your product is an excellent substitute without any downsides and am quite happy with the results. Best Regards," P.F.
"I scoured the internet for days looking for a natural deodorant that actually worked.  I didn't have the funds to continue with any more product trials and was getting really discouraged.  Then, I came across a someone's review about Truly's Natural Deodorant... I checked out the website and saw how ALL the ingredients were clearly stated and explained.  There even is a money back guarantee that convinced me that there was very little to lose by trying this product.  Not only did I not lose anything, I gained so much!  It really works for adults and children alike and is very economical!  I highly recommend this product to anyone especially those who are conscious. " PT
"I bought this stuff for my 10 year old son who had an odor problem. I didn't want to use the commercial stuff because of all the chemicals. Anyway, your product worked like a charm. I started using it and have given samples away to friends. One of my friends is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and developed some scabs on her head and was itching like crazy. She couldn't sleep. I gave here a new jar of Truly's and told her to stop using the regular deodorant and that she might try rubbing some of it on top of her head. I just spoke with her and she said that Truly's made the scabs easy to remove and the itching has stopped allowing her to sleep." D.S.
"I researched the internet for an all natural deodorant for my 7 year old son and came across your brand.  After reading the testimonies on your product I just had to try it.  My son is very active and he was starting to get body odor after playing sports, running around, etc.  After him using your product for 1 day he no longer had any body odor!  And, it's so comforting as a parent to know that no harsh chemicals are being absorbed into his body using Truly's Natural Product.  I've recommended your product to several of my friends already!" L.R.
"I just posted on your FB page, but I had won your product on SaraLee's Deals blog, and I love your deodorant. After almost 10 years of trying to find something that worked, and a lot of embarassment, your product WORKS! I still can't get over how simple and natural your product is, yet so effective. I have tried dozens of natural deodorants, and none of them worked for me. It is such a relief to find a product that makes my life easier on a daily basis. I just restocked for the summer!"
"Hi, I just wanted to send an email and tell you that your product is the real deal! I am hooked. It is perfect. Lasts all day and I like the smell. Thank you for finally making an all natural product that works! Cheers, B."
"I have never had much luck with natural deodorant, so when my mom gave me the tub of Truly's (purchased as Enza's salon in Salisbury) I was quite skeptical that it would actually work. Much to my surprise, I stayed dry and fresh all day and I love the light coconut scent. The formula rubs in smoothly and doesn't leave a residue. As a health care provider and someone who is conscientious about using safe ingredients, I absolutely love the fact that I am not putting toxins into my body when applying deodorant in the morning. I am a convert! Thanks for making this product available. I will spread the word :) All the best," L. R., Nurse Midwife in Delaware
"I LOVE the first container I got! I'm still using it since I started it in September...how's that for long-lasting?! And there's never break-through odor, unlike with other natural deodorants on the market. Thanks for a terrific product!!" Lisa, PA
"I wanted to thank you so much for the deodorant I won on SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways! I have been trying natural deodorants for many years (about 7 years now, since I ditched 'traditional' antiperspirants/deodorants while trying to become pregnant). I have tried so many products without much luck, and I end up inevitably smelling by the end of the day. Your product has worked so well for me, not to mention I am a huge fan of coconut oil. Great product!! Thank you!!" M. N.
I searched high n low for a deodorant for my 7 year old son that is "truly" all natural (pun intended). I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try & ordered the sample pack & Truly's has exceeded all my expectations. I tried it first before using it on my son. I'm 40 & it works like a charm for us both.  I absolutely looooove Truly's!!!! It's soooooooo refreshing to find a product that actually does what it says it does.  It smells yummy, last all day long, & you don't have to apply alot.  I just replineshed my white T-shirts for the yellow stain test. (I'll give a update on that next time).  I'm more excited about this deodorant than anything I have ever purchased & for anyone who knows me, that's saying a great deal. My son & I will use this product for as long as you stay true!  Awesome job Truly's!!!!

Here are a few testimonials from the folks at Dr. Dan's Natural Healing Center:

"It's the only thing natural that really works!" - Emily

"I don't staank anymore - my boyfriend is thrilled and wants to spend more time with me! Three cheers for Truly's!" - Meghan

"I threw away about a dozen natural deodorants I've tried over the years. NONE of them work the way Truly's does. Easy to apply, keeps me smelling fresh all day long - and I love supporting this wonderful company!" - Sara


"Changed My World"

To say Truly's cream deodorant has changed my world is not an understatement....I used to have to carry my natural deodorant powder with me throughout the day....I now trust Truly's to carry me through three job/assignments!! I love the ease of application and that it has organic coconut oil as its first ingredient!!! I adore it so.. I now have 2 containers on hand for friends and family! Its perfect and a huge thank you for developing it for me and us all! All the best,
C.C., Boulder, CO


"Definitely Recommend"


I cannot tell you what this product has done for me! I am always worried about personal products. I have been using this deodorant for over eighteen months. I live in the South and I am a avid gardner. I like that not only do I not suffer from odor, I no longer get stains on my clothing.

This product does not contain a odor. No chalking or flaking. Clean and easy to apply.

I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a natural product without harmful chemicals.

L. B., Anderson, SC


"Funk Free"


"It's quite disturbing when you realize that offensive odor is coming from YOU...from your right armpit?! Not both. Just one. Strange, yes. True? Unfortunately so. I thought it might be an isolated incident, but when it happened again from under only one arm, I turned to Google. There were other people experiencing the same thing. Some believed it to be due to diet or bacteria or other health issues. Some had tried many deodorants to no avail and others turned to more natural remedies such as vinegar or alcohol. The results were not encouraging. Any benefit from these treatments was short lived. Thank goodness for Truly's Natural Deodorant! It is so effective at eliminating odor, I can even skip a day and remain "funk" free. The natural ingredients must do what they claim to do because my right armpit doesn't lie! When my 8 year old daughter began experiencing body odor, I didn't hesitate to let her use Truly's. What a wonderful feeling to be able to save her any embarrassment with a product that is both effective and safe. Thanks to Truly's we are both fresh as daisies...with no side effects except big smiles!"
A. T., Raleigh, NC


"I Love It"


"This product was the answer to my diligent search to find a good natural deodorant that would keep me fresh and protect my clothes. I love it and am sharing it with all my friends who are tired of putting harmful chemicals on their bodies!"
R.R., Atlanta, Georgia


"Maintains Its Strength Through the Day"

As someone who is concerned about his health, I'm aware of some of the dangers of commercial brand deodorants. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find organic, natural substitutes that are effective, and as a massage therapist/bodyworker, it is important that I maintain a high level of hygiene for my clients. When Angela told me about her product, I was initially skeptical, but Truly's is a great alternative to commercial deodorants. It maintains its strength through the day and keeps me smelling great client after client. I would definitely recommend Truly's as both as effective deodorant but also as a great health aide. J. T., CMT

"Thanks Truly's!"

"Well...when my wife told me she wanted me to put this natural coconut deodorant under my arm, I was like, "What the heck are you talking about?!" She proceeds to inform me that the deodorant I am using has aluminum in it & it can potentially cause Alzheimer's if I continue to use it. Honestly, I was like whatever, cellphones could give me cancer, but I am going to keep using them. However, I knew it would make her happy if I tried it, so I did. I gave it a week trial period. During the week, it's not like I was thinking about the deodorant, but I remember specifically being in the shower washing one day and I started thinking, "I like the way this feels" when I was cleaning under my arms. It was kind of a freshness feeling. Not real sure exactly what it was, but I got out of the shower & told Alison..."I think I really like this deodorant. I can tell a difference." I knew for sure I liked it after we ran out of the sample jar & I had to use my old deodorant.About 2 or 3 days later, I was asking Alison when she was getting another jar of the "coconut stuff?" It was a little different at first to apply the deodorant with my finger, but after the first couple of times, it was no big deal. All in all...as a guy who is on the run with family, work & the business of life...deodorant was not on the high priority list to think about. But now that I have used Truly's...I will continue to use it going forward. I never new the dangers of aluminum in deodorant. Now I have a natural solution that feels better & won't hurt me. Thanks Truly's for covering my pits!!! :)"
G. T., Raleigh, NC

"Only Client that Does Not Stink"

"My personal trainer told me that I am his only client that does not stink when lifting weights over their head! So I told him about Truly's..."
R.R., Berkeley Lake, GA

"I Love it"

"I have always struggled to find the 'perfect' deodorant that works for me. And after trying several natural ones that didn't work, I resorted to a commercial brand. When I tried Truly's I was very happy! It works. It's natural. And I love it."             I.M, Greenwood, DE

Just wanted to say thank you for your product. I've had allergies since I was a kid, and can't use any over the counter cosmetics.The one thing I could never find was a deodorant!  But this works great and I don't break out.  Thanks again! J.
Hi, I just wanted to send an email and tell you that your product is the real deal!  I am hooked.  It is perfect.  Lasts all day and I like the smell.  Thank you for finally making an all natural product that works!  Cheers, B.
"A little over a year ago, I started developing a rash in my armpits from my deodorant and I didn't know why. The Dr. said it all has to do with Crohn's Disease. So I tried and tried to find a deodorant that didn't give me a rash but no luck. So for the last year I have gone without it. Now, I live in Florida and that is not the best place to be when you can't wear deodorant. I was very self conscious every time I was around people for fear of BO.
So, I recently came across Truly's All Natural Deodorant. I figured why not give it a try. I have been using it now for almost a month and no rash. I am so excited!" M.W.