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All Natural Paw Balm



Unscented All Natural Paw Balm, perfect for healing your pet’s paws and protecting them from the elements!

Our Unscented All Natural Paw Balm is perfect for healing your pet’s paws and protecting them from the elements! Our unscented paw balm is 100% all natural! We do not use any added essential oils, artificial colors or scents. It is safe for pet’s to ingest if they decide to lick it, but because it is unscented they leave it alone.

Directions: Apply a thin, even layer of the smooth, unscented balm to your pet’s pads by either dabbing their paw into the tin or rubbing it on with your hands. Once they return home, wipe it off with a towel or damp cloth.

Winter Use: Repels harmful chemicals, salt, ice and snow and protects their paws from the cold ground. The unscented paw balm coats their pads and the hair surrounding their toes, preventing ice and snow from building up and sticking. Our balm puts the magic back in winter walks!

Summer Use: Protects their paws from hot sidewalks, boardwalks, sand and pavement, reducing redness and soreness from heat exposure. A thin layer will create a barrier between their feet and the hot ground.

Daily Moisturizer: Heal dry and cracked paws, noses or elbows! Simply massage a small amount of balm onto the desired dry area once in the morning and once in the evening. To avoid paw prints, ensure the balm is rubbed in well. Remember, you only need a small amount.

Each tin contains 2 oz of unscented balm and will keep up to two years. Keep away from extreme heat or the balm will melt. Color may vary from yellow to white.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Bee’s Wax, Vitamin E. 


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