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5 Ingredients to be Thankful For

5 Ingredients to be Thankful For

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are falling, the world becomes pumpkin- spiced, and our skin starts begging for something extra. As you’re knocked over by an overwhelming amount of seasonal beauty gunk, it’s an important time to step back and remember what nature has already provided.

Natural products won’t only keep the chemicals away, they’ll make sure your skin stays extra hydrated – which is why you’ll find many of these ingredients in our products. To prove that Mother Nature has our back, here are 5 ingredients to get Thanksgiving-level grateful for!

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is in the spotlight for good reason. Straight from the meat and/or kernel of mature coconuts, this ingredient is edible, inexpensive, and oh so silky smooth. The perfect hydrator for hair or skin, coconut oil penetrates deeply providing top-notch moisture without leaving your skin or hair feeling oily. Its antioxidant properties help the skin keep its youthful appearance and the icing on the cake is that subtle scent of tropical fruit. It’s also a key player in our natural deodorant.

2. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extract derived from cocoa beans. Not only is it used to make another item we’re grateful for - CHOCOLATE! - it’s a fabulous addition in anything from food to natural ointments. Cocoa butter contains antioxidants that provide a protective barrier from harsh weather elements - even offering mild sun protection. These antioxidants combined with fatty acids also make it a stellar remedy for soothing inflammation.

3. Aloe Vera

There’s a reason your grandmother had this plant around and why you should absolutely follow in her footsteps. Aloe Vera requires zero work - if you have the plant, you have the goods. Its gel has been said to have anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for your child’s sunburn. Aloe gel provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture, so the skin stays extra hydrated. Proven to have antimicrobial efficacy, it’s helpful for killing acne- causing bacteria and can gently improve the appearance of acne scars.

4. Beeswax

The product of honest bee labor, beeswax comes straight from a bee’s glands and is used to protect its honeycomb. It’s all natural and packed with vitamin A, which promotes the turnover of skin cells. Beeswax is commonly used as a thickening agent for many creams (like our deodorant) and since it attracts moisture, it provides next-level skin hydration. Much like this substance protects a bee’s home, it also forms a protective barrier on the skin that locks in moisture. But don’t worry, it doesn’t clog pores, making this an A+ ingredient.

5. Castor Oil

Derived from the ricinus communist plant, castor oil is a key ingredient in our lip balm because it’s soft and hydrating but packs a punch. Penetrating deep into the skin, caster oil fights bacteria overgrowth like a villain, making this a great choice for acne prone skin and clogged pores. This ingredient kicks bacteria’s butt while soothing irritated or infected skin – resulting in the perfect blend of sugar and spice this season.

Now that you know what ingredients to stock up on, it’s important to know what ingredients to dismiss. Here are 5 spooky skincare ingredients to avoid at all costs.

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