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Give The Gift of Good Health (Without Being a Smarty Pants)

Give The Gift of Good Health (Without Being a Smarty Pants)

Everything is heightened over the holidays...the elation we feel for our loved
ones and quite possibly the frustration of being stuck in the same house with
them. Natural consumers are often shocked to see how many chemicals family
members use on a day-to- day basis. While your health awareness has grown, it’s
not guaranteed that your loved ones have made it a priority.

You’re already getting raised eyebrows at your Stevia packets and coconut oil
but you desperately want to share what you know! If you’re searching for ways to
educate your loved ones on the importance of natural products, here are some
gentle suggestions that won’t move you over to the naughty list.

“We Need to Talk”
Yeah… Never say that. This isn’t an intervention, no one’s in trouble, and you’re
not The Chemical Police. Human psychology tells us that people hate being told
what to do - especially from someone who saw you sprain your ankle by jumping
off the roof with an umbrella. You’re no better than they are and if you come
across high and mighty, your Christmas presents might end up at Goodwill.

Energy is contagious. If you’re excited and fascinated about something, others
will be too. If you broach the subject with an attitude of, “I hate talking about this
as much as you do…” They’ll associate natural products with something negative
and necessary, like a kid eating their vegetables. Zero fun. Zero marshmallows in
the cocoa for you.

Pros and Cons
Acknowledge the downsides. Some products are more convenient because they
contain chemicals – they may be more economical or require less effort. Be
transparent about the pros and cons of a product, and then share the reason you
believe going natural is totally worth it. People are much more open to hearing
from someone who has considered all angles.

Don’t Take Away, Add To
We can’t change people, we can only give them tools to inspire change. If your
mother LOVES her fragrance (aka chemical) candles, don’t tell her to throw them
out. Many people will hold onto something they don’t need just because
someone is trying to take it away. Instead, buy her an all-natural essential oil
candle and let her experience the difference. Show is better than tell and by
doing so, she gets to decide what she likes. Don’t be surprised if you hear, “Hey!
This candle is better than the ones I have - wonder why?” That’s when you send
her this blog post.

Hybrid Gifts
Give your family hybrid gifts - things they actually want that are also natural.

Truly’s Organic Lip Balm is a great gift for men and women of all ages. Let
them know that this balm is extra silky because of the organic sunflower
oil, coconut oil, and moisture-retaining beeswax. When people fall in love
with a product they become all ears to learn why their opinion is right.

Also try our mineral tinted lip balm to replace toxic lipstick. When the
recipient raves about its subtle tint and smooth application, you can sneak
in that many lipsticks feel differently because they contain heavy metals –
that are linked to all kinds of harmful effects (more on that here).

Who doesn’t like fancy soap? Truly’s retro-packaged organic bar soaps
will make anyone look forward to a bath. They’ll fall in love with its healing
and soothing herbs, making the chemical alternatives a thing of the past.


Continue to educate yourself on natural products so you’re confident sharing
knowledge with others. This way, when your family and friends finally ask a
question about an ingredient, you’ll have an answer. It’s easy to say, “well, I can’t
remember exactly but I know it’s bad for you.” If you really want to be helpful, go
the extra mile by looking up the answer and learn together!

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5 Spooky Skincare Ingredients.